Painterly RPG Amber Throne Gets New Trailer, Should Be Out By Early July



Solo developer Josh Missile has released a new trailer for his upcoming turn-based RPG Amber Throne. He’s also put the game on Steam Greenlight and announced that it should be out in late June or early July.


Amber Throne is about a girl called Arra who lives in a desert-world girl world beneath a mysterious floating castle, and her quest to reach it. She aims to reach it as inside the powerful Amber Throne, which her father told her to destroy, lest it end up in the possession of those who would do evil with it.


458881758_preview_screen1 458881758_preview_screen4

It’s a traditional-style RPG with turn-based combat and light exploration. According to Missile, it features a large cast of unique monsters that change stances depending on actions taken during combat, and learning their behavior is key to achieving victory. Your own party mostly consists of hybridized roles that don’t fit into the usual classes of RPGs.

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“There is no mana to limit skill use, and no traditional ‘healer’ character, letting you loosen up and use skills and items whenever/however you’d like, and making battles a little more strategic,” Missile explains.

Chris Priestman