Pale Echoes Is An Upcoming RPG With A “Puzzle Battle System”


There’s no shortage of RPG Maker games but ones that are genuinely interesting are few and far between. Pale Echoes seems to be one of those.


It’s an RPG in which you wander a world full of phantoms. You follow Schorl, the last surviving human, and Spinel, the last of the magical saerii as they search for a better future.


Along their way they discover human memories that they can collect after reliving them. It’s these memories, which each have unique skills tied to them, that you use to battle against the echoes (the powerful phantoms left behind by the dead).


In the words of developer Degica, the battle system has puzzle elements, as “every lost memory you collect is a different character to summon to your aid. Beware, however, as each memory can only act once, and victory must be attained before your last memory has been used up.”


This battle system encourages you to find more memories as you can then last longer in the fights but also have more attack options. This means that you’ll slowly learn about the world’s past and how it came to such a grim end through unlocking these memories.


Pale Echoes is coming to Steam and will be out on December 10th.

Chris Priestman