Panzer Dragoon Remake Developer Working With Square Enix

panzer dragoon remake forever entertainment square enix

Forever Entertainment and Square Enix are working together. As with the Forever Entertainment and Sega arrangement, it will be working on new remakes. The identity of the series it is working on is unknown. However, multiple remakes are planned. [Thanks, Nibel and PAP Biznes!]

Forever Entertainment’s most recent remake work involved two Sega IPs. Panzer Dragoon and The House of the Dead both are on its plate. It already released Panzer Dragoon Remake on multiple platforms. Panzer Dragoon II Remake will be out in 2021. While the company confirmed on Twitter it is involved with The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2 remakes, it didn’t share details. It also worked on recent 2021 releases like Binarystar Infinity and Assault on Metaltron.

Very little about the Forever Entertainment and Square Enix partnership came up in the announcement. It will get around half of the money from sales of the game as part of the deal, however.

Forever Entertainment and Square Enix will announce their remakes at a later date. The next game on the docket from Forever Entertainment is Panzer Dragoon II Remake. It will launch in 2021, though its exact platforms haven’t been named yet.

Jenni Lada
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