Papers, Please… Except You’re Judging People At The Gates Of Heaven



If you enjoyed 2013’s hit document thriller Papers, Please then you may also dig For the Love Of God as it takes the same concept but moves it up to the pearly gates of heaven.


As such, in For the Love of God your task is to judge people based on the Ten Commandments as to whether they’re allowed entry to heaven. People will head up to your desk where they expect to be judged. You take a look at their life history on the scroll they hand to you and then check it against the commandments.


If they’ve violated the Ten Commandments then you need to pull the lever on the left to send them to hell, no matter how much they weep or even how much you may like them. However, if they’ve stuck by the commandments then you can pull the cord on the right and grant them entry to heaven.



But it’s not just the people in front of your desk who are under judgement. You are also as God will issue you with warnings should you make a mistake, and if you carry on, then you’ll be fired. And lord knows what a God will do to a soul that it has fired.


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Chris Priestman