Paracosm Is A Light RPG With Combat Inspired By Zelda II




Paracosm, a light RPG set in the present day, stars a boy trying to save his town from a mysterious enemy.




The hero of Paracosm will meet many interesting, odd characters in his exploration of his home town. He will also meet enemies who want to rough him up, and should they see him, it will start a fight, which is handled in a separate 2D action sequence similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.




In combat sequences, players will need to factor in the timing of their weapons and the enemy’s attacks. This is influenced by the early Castlevania games, which is made especially clear with the hero’s yo-yo weapon. The hero will be able to equip other weapons, though, each of which has its own attack speeds and range to be factored in.




Paracosm is expected to take 4-5 hours to complete, and will feature multiple endings and hidden secrets. The game is projected to release sometime in early-to-mid 2017.

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