PARCO and Super Mario to Collaborate on Items Like Yukata

Super Mario PARCO

Numerous brands affiliated with department store retailer PARCO will collaborate with Super Mario on Mario-inspired products. Musical instruments, socks, neon lights, and even yukata will appear, bearing motifs and symbols familiar to anyone who knows Mario. The full list of brands and items are available on the PARCO website.

While the majority of the items are available from the PARCO online store, item stock and availability is not guaranteed at each physical store location. For example, an umbrella from Wpc is only available in the Shinsaibashi location, whereas one can purchase the Samantha Thavasa bags from numerous stores across Japan.

KIMONO by NADESHIKO, a brand that focuses on making yukata or yukata accessories, will also release four Super Mario-inspired yukata. For example, there is a blue yukata that looks like a stage from the game, with coins and bricks. There is even a miniature Yoshi sticking out his tongue. For those who would prefer a more subtle look, there is a light blue checkered kimono. The Mario blocks, Wario logo, and Mario face are discreet enough to be unnoticeable at a distance.

In the past, PARCO collaborated with Nintendo and Super Mario to host pop-up stores. However, this collaboration allows brands inside of the Parco to release their own goods separate from Nintendo.

PARCO and Super Mario are collaborating to create over 300 items based on Super Mario. The collaboration fair starts from July 1, 2021 in PARCO stores across Japan, as well as on their online stores.

Stephanie Liu
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