Parting Is The Best Sorrow In Grand Chase’s New Update



Grand Chase is overhauling its systems as part of its Season 5 update, making it easier for long-time players to manage their disparate characters. Those with plenty of characters on their accounts will find the change especially helpful.


The first phase in the changes is called Character Separation. Instead of a single, unified user interface clogged with the gear and various bric-a-brac’s of up to 19 different characters, players will now have separate inventories, quest journals and suchlike for each separate character on their account.


This should speed up the game, using much less resources whenever you’re trying to struggle to open your bags or wade through the journals.



As part of the change, there will now be a joint warehouse for players to move items back and forth between characters, and each individual character will have their inventory space boosted to 120 slots. Those who log in during the peak period of the move—from now till the 22nd of May—will also get a warehouse slot voucher, a +30 bag and a character slot open ticket.


Those who come in after can still reap the benefits of Character Separation, but inventory space will be boosted only to 90 slots and you obviously won’t get the rest of the goodies.


Season 5 will also revamp enemy AI and combat systems, including a new dodge and combo system. More details will be released later.


Grand Chase is out now on PC.