During the press event where Sony presented the PSP-3000’s brighter screen to Japan a few more details about Patpon 2: Don Chaka trickled out. G-Para caught a handy dandy slide comparing the volume of content in the two games.


In typical sequel fashion Patapon 2 has more, way more of everything than the first game. Patapon had 37 missions to complete and 200 items to play with. Patapon 2 breaks the double mark with 90+ missions and 500+ items. There are 22 bosses in the game compared with 11 in Patapon and nine unit types compared to six. Even the number of mini games got a modest bump. Patapon 2 will have seven mini games and some of them support ad hoc play.


That’s a lot of Patapon for 3,800 yen ($35) – if you opt to get the PlayStation Network direct download.


Images courtesy of Sony.

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