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Patch Bloodborne To Become A Member Of The League




Most Bloodborne news revolves around The Old Hunters, an expansion pack. However, there’s additional free content coming to the game as well. A forthcoming patch from From Software will add a new faction called The League to the game for everyone to join.


Bloodborne’s The League is led by a Hunter reading a bucket as a helmet and constable outfit. The goal of the group is to assist other hunters. Members often wield an official The League Cane and rely on allies to help them aid people who need it. Should someone join, they’ll head out to assist other online players, earning for spots in special online leaderboards for their efforts. Additional cooperative NPC characters will also be added alongside The League.


Another bonus will come to people with the original Bloodborne game. Those who have acquired the Platinum Trophy will be awarded a free PlayStation 4 theme. Voucher codes will be sent out to qualifying players to redeem in the PlayStation Store.


Finally, From Software revealed another The Old Hunters weapon for Bloodborne. People who purchase the expansion might be able to find the Moonlight Sword.


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Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters will be $19.99 at launch on November 24. People can also buy a complete version of the game with expansion for $49.99 on that same date.

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