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Pathologic – Survive Any Way You Can In A Plague-Ridden Town




A plague realistically spreads across Pathologic over twelve days, and it is up to the player how they survive and what they do to survive against fatigue, hunger, bandits, and sickness over that time.




Players can choose one of three characters to live through their stories in the town. They can act as a scientist, a shaman’s son, or a young woman who has lost her memories, each of whom is tasked with overcoming the illness in their own way.




Players will be working to keep themselves alive and come to an understanding about the plague over twelve in-game days. Over this time, events will occur and opportunities will appear and disappear depending on what day it is and how far the disease has spread.




Pathologic was originally released in 2005. Their developer, ice-Pick Lodge is currently remaking the game, and the screenshots in this article are the first batch of images they have released of their work.


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Pathologic is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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