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Pato Box Mixes Punch Out!! With A Mystery Narrative


Pato Box adds a bit of mystery to the Punch Out!! boxing formula, having players working to discover the secrets of a corrupt corporation while also punching out its henchmen in a style similar to the venerable boxing game.


In Pato Box, players control Patobox, a duck-headed boxer who’s looking into the crooked dealings of his former sponsor, Deathflock. To find their secrets, players will have to explore their large headquarters, combing through trap-filled corridors and going through play-altering minigames to find items that will unveil the company’s true dealings. 

While not dealing with danger in the game’s black and white, graphic novel-style halls, players may find themselves in third person punching matches against the game’s seven bosses. These will be fought, Punch Out!! style, by having player duck and weave around their blows, returning their own punches right back when the time is right. These bosses all have unique special moves that can easily down a careless duck, but players can find hints about the bosses’ powers and histories around headquarters as well, rewarding curious duck boxers with a better chance at victory.


Pato Box is available now on Steam, with future releases coming for PS Vita and the Nintendo Switch.

Alistair Wong
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