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Patriot of Ukiyo’s Opening Movie Shows Off Samurai Action



    Spike Chunsoft’s Patriot of Ukiyo and Ronin of Ukiyo look like samurai action films in the form of a game, with everything from slow-mo slashes to finishing poses. Here’s a look at the opening video for the PlayStation 3 title, Patriot of Ukiyo.


    Unlike other simultaneous releases for PS3 and Vita, they both have their own stories and different protagonists. In Patriot of Ukiyo, you play as an amnesiac Sakamoto Ryoma, and the story revolves around how and why he lost his memories.


    Similar to Yakuza Restoration, which also had a “what if” take using Sakamoto Ryoma as one of the key characters, Patriot of Ukiyo will share events from actual historic cases that happened, except with different interpretations.


    Patriot of Ukiyo releases on January 29 for PlayStation 3, and Ronin of Ukiyo will release on February 11, 2015 on PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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