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Patriot And Ronin of Ukiyo Gives A Fun Little Touch To The Art Of The Samurai



    Spike Chunsoft’s Patriot of Ukiyo and Ronin of Ukiyo are upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita action titles that will be like being part of a samurai kabuki action film. The official website shows us some more of the latest features from the game.


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    The basic action in Patriot and Ronin of Ukiyo is pretty simple. You’ll have your weaker but fast attacks, and strong but slower attacks for regular hits. You can also use attacks to launch enemies in the air and follow up with aerial combos.


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    There’s also a “Slice-and-Dice Dance” that you can use after filling up a meter. This ability will let you continuously cut down all enemies around you.



    It also has a pretty flashy finisher to go with it, but you’ll want to use it when you’re taking on more than you can handle.


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    The Secret Sword-Technique is a powerful move that can be used after filling up its gauge as well. There are various Secret Sword-Techniques for each weapon, so you won’t be restricted to swords.


    While you learn most of them by using Mastery Points, you can also get them from enemies when they use their special abilities as well, making it easier to save your Mastery Points for other skills.



    Again, these abilities can be freely named, so you can give them funny names like “Universe’s Most Ultimate Punch,” and so on.



    In case you get bored of cutting down hundreds of enemies, you can also have fun by collecting some naughty images, acquired by simply cutting down the clothes of enemies instead of killing them.



    You can also change your character’s look through appearance customizations. So if you want to make a pink-afro samurai, you’ll get to do that and more with plenty of other silly outfits.



    Patriot of Ukiyo releases on January 29 for PlayStation 3, and Ronin of Ukiyo will release on February 11, 2015 on PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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