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PAYDAY 2 Sneaks New Hacker Heister JOY Onto Nintendo Switch Version As Timed Exclusive


payday 2

PAYDAY 2 was previously announced to be coming to Nintendo Switch, and the recent Nintendo Direct Mini showed off more about the game, including new character JOY, as well as a release date.


JOY is a computer whiz from Japan who has a changing LED mask, hacker perks, and her own weapons. She is a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch version.


Using CrimeNet, players can play locally or online by inviting three friends with the Nintendo Switch version, and the game also includes touchscreen menu controls, and HD Rumble support.


Here is the PAYDAY 2 segment from the Direct Mini (at the 9:51 mark):



PAYDAY 2’s Nintendo Switch version comes out February 27, 2018.

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