PC-98 Castlevania-Like Rusty Translated To English By Fans



Rusty, a Castlevania-like PC-98 action game that features a lot of leather outfits alongside its leather whips, has received an English translation from some dedicated fans.


Rusty’s events kick off due to a number of women going missing from villages all throughout the countryside. A request for help spurs Rusty, the game’s heroine, into action to find them, combing through each stage for useful items and the source of the girls’ disappearances.

Rusty has players controlling a female vampire hunter, utilizing a whip and several items to stomp out skeletons, monsters, and huge bosses. The play is highly reminiscent of Castlevania, but offers its own unique take on monster and level designs, taking players through a variety of gothic castles and gloomy places. Also, while players can rely on their own tools to win, they will also have the help of an owl companion that will attack enemies for them.



The translation patch is available for free from the translators’ site.

Alistair Wong
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