PC Gaming Show Will Appear in June 2021

pc gaming show 2021

PC Gamer pinned down the timing for another one of 2021’s summer gaming events. The PC Gaming Show 2021 will be held in June 2021, as usual. There’s no exact date or time for it yet. All that ended up being shared was an animated logo.

Here’s the announcement.

Last year, the PC Gaming Show appeared online on June 13, 2020 and featured about 50 games. One of the most notable announcements was the reveal of the PC port of Persona 4 Golden. It ended up being a shadowdrop and launched pretty much immediately after the event ended. The first mainline Story of Seasons PC version also showed up at the event. That’s where XSEED confirmed Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town would show up on computers. (Prior to that, the Bokujou Monogatari spin-off Doraemon: Story of Seasons appeared on PCs.)

The PC Gaming Show’s primary focus is always on PC games. Both major titles and indies end up appearing at the showcase. The presentations are always on the longer side, as the 2020 installment was two hours long.

The 2021 PC Gaming Show will be held online sometime in June 2021.

Jenni Lada
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