PC Remake Of Visual Novel Himawari: The Sunflower Heading To The West



MangaGamer has partnered with developer Frontwing to bring a PC remake of Blank Note’s popular hard sci-fi romance visual novel Himawari: The Sunflower to the west.


It’s to be a complete visual remake of the game with new artwork by Kuuchuu Yousai, who is the artist of the Angel Djibril series. An adult version will be available on MangaGamer’s website while an all-ages version will be released on Steam. Those who order the adult version will get the Steam version for free.


Himawari: The Sunflower follows Hinata Youichi two years after he lost his family and his memory due to a spaceship crash landing on Earth. While Youichi leads an easy going life, this is all interrupted when a UFO crashes into his hometown, and brings a mysterious and similarly amnesiac girl called Aries to Youichi’s attention. You then try to figure out who Aries is and remember what led to Youichi’s crash two years ago.


Himawari was originally released on PC in Japan in 2007. It has since been ported to PSP, iOS, Android, and is due to come out on PS Vita in Japan on August 27th. No release date for this western PC remake has been given.

Chris Priestman