People Can Now Pre-register for Front Mission: Borderscape

People Can Now Pre-register for Front Mission: Borderscape

A new Front Mission game is on the way, and this time it is for mobile devices. Square Enix announced Front Mission: Borderscape and noted people can pre-register for it immediately. There’s no gameplay footage yet. However, the first trailer features some event scenes and commentary from Third Division Director Kouichirou Sakamoto and GCraft President Toshiro Tsuchida.

During the trailer, the developer portion mainly served to set the stage for the potential events. Sakamoto noted he oversees the Front Mission IP. Tsuchida mentioned his work on the first three entries. Tsuchida then brought up the United States of the New Continent and the Oceania Cooperative Union and the tension between them. Specifically, he mentioned Huffman Island. Sakamoto then reminded viewers about past altercations involving it, like the first and second Huffman conflicts.

Meanwhile, the rest of the video focuses on video segments setting the stage. We see pilots in Wanzers. There’s an in-game news announcement, and a pilot talking with another about being “mercenaries.” The person the one pilot is talking to mentions how he didn’t think they’d be back in New Milgan, one of Huffman Island’s cities. (It was a major location in Front Mission 1st. There’s also a hint about a new Wanzer model.

People can pre-register for Front Mission: Borderscape at the official site. People need to mention which platform they’ll play on and provide their email. No pre-registration bonuses were mentioned.

Front Mission: Borderscape will come to Android and Apple iOS devices, and people can pre-register now.

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