People Can Start Farming in Hokko Life

Hokko Life farming

A big feature is now in the Animal Crossing-like Hokko Life, as the farming update is live. Wonderscape and Team17 announced that people can now create their own farms in the life sim. There’s a new area and villager, Aubrey, so people can start growing crops.

When you head to the farm, things function the way they tend to in most farming sims like Stardew Valley or Story of Seasons. You till the land with a hoe, scatter seeds, and water them. Once a crop is fully grown, you can harvest it.

Here’s a trailer showing off how farming works in Hokko Life, now that the update is live.

And here are the full patch notes from the Steam announcement:

  • Requests now factor in the season and availability of resources

  • Fixed refreshing of item amounts etc in Design Tool

  • Added “Path” blueprint for flat objects you can walk on

  • Fix for issue causing players to get stuck if they cancel movement of a mine lantern

  • Fix for mine lanterns lights being too big and causing performance problems

  • Fixed <request_amount> text on weed requests dialogue

  • Silver pickaxe now uses silver bars instead of ore for crafting, in line with other pickaxes

  • Fixed Redwood tree not giving correct wood

  • Fixed Redwood tree not dropping any seeds

  • Fix for slowdown the longer you play

  • Fix for text about a request’s material being inserted in the middle of a conversation

  • Added Storage items

  • Added Storage blueprints

  • Changes to format of save files to help with corruption issues

  • Fix for scrollbar not appearing in design tool to show all material filters

  • Fixed the bonfire

  • Small optimisation in Painting tool to help with painting crashes

  • Fix for missing icon for Hanging Lights

  • Added information to backpack request screen to let you know what item is wanted

  • Fixed incorrect colours of several furniture items

  • Fix for strange lighting artefacts on custom objects

  • Fix for issue where speaking to villagers would lock the player if they had been in the main menu and back

  • Fix for strange pop on loading screen fade after being in main menu

  • Fixed missing icon for scateboard

  • Fix for respawning trees and grass on forest path exit from the meadow area

  • Fix for overflowing ingredients in Design Tool information panel

  • Fix for design pieces growing in size if spamming the duplicate button

  • Fix for overflowing and overlapping ingredients on information panel on craftables in backpack

  • Fix for “string missing” being used for name of designs when saving

  • Requests will be automatically removed from your request list after being time-lapsed for 4 days.

  • Fix for mine rocks not regenerating

  • Fix for wallpaper getting destroyed from backpack if you try and use it in a location that doesn’t permit it

This means there are five major elements in the Hokko Life Early Access roadmap remaining. Both the farming and storage features are now in the game. The Bug Bonanza, Desert Island Distractions, Mayor Merits, Super Shopping, and Village Chic elements, which will add bugs, activities, rewards, new ways to shop and share, and clothing options, remain.

Hokko Life is available for PCs via Steam Early Access, and the farming update launched on July 23, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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