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People Get Extra Scenarios For Pre-Ordering Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIII



Koei Tecmo has more information out there for people interested in picking up Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII for their PlayStation 4 or Windows PC. Information on the kinds of battles people will face have been detailed, as have pre-order promotions for both North America and Europe.


There are five kinds of warfare found in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII. The first are debates, which are intense conversations between individuals. People can also participate in duels, which are turn-based battles that can lead to strategic sieges. Naval battles take place on rivers, while narrow pass battles are set in land passages between two regions. There are also open field battles, where you have a large battleground where every unit fights it out.


The Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII pre-order promotions all involve getting extra scenarios for the game. People in North America who pre-order from Amazon, Best Buy, EB Canada, or GameStop get “The Battle of Chibi,” “The Campaign Against Lu Bu,” and the “Thirteen Heroes” scenarios. In Europe, Amazon offers only the “Thirteen Heroes” scenario as a pre-order incentive. Independent European retailers get “The Battle of Chibi” scenario, which will be known as “The Battle of Red Cliffs” in that region. Both regions’ PlayStation Stores will offer “The Campaign Against Lu Bu,” also known as “Punitive Expedition to Lu Bu,” to people who purchase Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII on the PlayStation 4 within the first month after its release.



Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will come to the PlayStation 4 and Windows in the West. It will arrive in North America on July 5, 2016, then follow in Europe on July 8, 2016.

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