Permanent Unlocks For Skills Make Dead Cells Roguelike Elements A Little Easier



Dead Cells takes a lot from players when they die, forcing them to drop all of their weapons and funds alongside their body, but it lets the player keep their unlocked abilities, making movement a little easier on the next run.



Dead Cells is a sidescrolling action roguelike, one where they play as a reanimated corpse that’s in a very sour mood. They can find an array of weapons, each with a different feel and set of attack animations to them for players to learn. They will need to keep these in mind as they fight, as enemies are quick and ruthless, so players will want to strike fast and roll away often.


Much of Dead Cells is procedurally generated, but the developers have tried to balance out the randomness that can come of these things by creating chunks of levels by hand and having the game cobble those together instead. This gives a bit more structure to the game’s stages, but still offers variety to players on each run.




As players fight through the game, they will unlock various means of mobility that will let them reach out-of-the-way places and secret paths. These will be retained even if the player dies, so when they go back to the beginning, players will now be able to take different routes throughout the game world.


Dead Cells is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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