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Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Bug Fix And Other Adjustments To Be Made Soon



Persona 4: Dancing All Night released last month, and some players experienced a strange voiceover bug that Atlus have been working to fix. The official website shares more details on when the fix will be ready, along with details on future updates.


As previously reported, the voiceover bug has affected players by suddenly muting out the character voices in the middle of story mode. At the time, Atlus said they were aware of the problem and were looking for a fix, as they recommend players to simply reboot the game until there’s a fix.


In addition to the voiceover bug, there’s been a few other cases of different audio-related glitches. Regarding these issues, Atlus say to wait until the next PlayStation Vita system software update, where we’ll see a proper fix.


There will also be an update patch that will release on July 23rd, which adds a few new options. Some players voiced that the “Scratch” mechanic, where you time the analog stick along with a blue line on the screen, feels a little awkward.


The update will add a new option that allows you to also use the L and R shoulder buttons to perform a Scratch. Atlus notes that some people might have already gotten used to the analog stick for Scratching, but they recommend players to try using the shoulder buttons together with the analog sticks, as the L and R buttons have input sounds to go with it, and it could be a fun challenge.


Finally, as a little bonus they’ve added a hidden secret, where you can enter a special command during a pose in a certain mode of the game. This will let you get rid of the background so you can take pictures with the characters.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night will release this fall in North America for PlayStation Vita.

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