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Persona 4: Golden Bonus Features Include Persona Music Live Concert Videos


While my time with Persona 4: Golden at E3 didn’t allow me an opportunity to try out any of the new story content (I played a little bit of the “Yukiko’s castle” dungeon, and the load times were amazingly quick), I was particularly intrigued by some of the bonus content I got to see.


The bonus videos in the game were under the “TV Listings” option on the main menu, and were one of the only parts of the game that used the touch interface, according to Atlus PR manager Aram Jabbari.


There was quite a selection of videos available that would unlock as you played through the game, and Jabbari told me that “outside of a few licensed commercials,” the US version of Persona 4: Golden would retain all of the bonus videos that the Japanese version has.


The first videos that he showed me were from the Persona Music Live concerts, performed in 2008 and 2009. I was only able to watch a bit of a live performance of Persona 3 FES’s opening song, but the video was specifically re-encoded to fit the Vita’s native resolution and looked and sounded very nice.


The game allowed you to watch anime cutscenes that you’d seen in the game as well as the PS2 and Vita intro videos. The cutscenes I saw were in Japanese, but I was curious about the US cutscenes with the new voice actors. Like the Persona Music Live videos, the cutscenes were all redone to fill the Vita screen. Interestingly, the video player allowed videos to play in the background as you searched for another one.


Jabbari also confirmed that the previous voice recordings would be remastered for the Vita version.  Persona 4: Golden will be available this Fall for Vita