PlayStation Vita

Persona 4: The Golden Shines In June With Famitsu DX Pack


    p4gAtlus set June 14 as the release date for Persona 4: The Golden in Japan. The PlayStation Vita version includes a number of upgrades like enhanced personas for the main cast, team attacks, multiple difficulty levels and new events with a mysterious character named Marie.


    You can import the game for 7,329 yen ($92) or pick up the Famitsu DX pack for 10,290 yen ($129). The special edition includes six clear posters with illustrations from Madhouse, Studio Hibari (Persona 4 cutscene creators), Hiroyuki Maeda, Shuji Sogabe (Persona 3 manga artist), and Shigenori Soejima plus 10 postcards and a pouch shaped like Marie’s bag.

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