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Persona 5 Heroes Will Face A Huge Case After Getting Their Personas



Atlus revealed the latest trailer for Persona 5 a few months ago, and while we’re still waiting on more details, Sony shared a look at some screenshots and tidbits on the story of the game.


persona5_2015spring_s08 persona5_2015spring_s07 persona5_2015spring_s03

Persona 5 tells the story of an exciting adventure and growth of high school students who have lost their bearings in life. Starting in the spring, the protagonist will begin attending Shujin High School, and meet countless new friends.



His new school life will come with all kinds of events and happenings, where you’ll get to see the life of high school through the eyes of an everyday student.



persona5_2015spring_s01 persona5_2015spring_s02

However , as a result of a certain incident, the protagonist and his friends obtain the power of their hearts, known as “Personas,” as they find themselves facing a giant case. On the new stage of a big city with new characters, Persona 5 will unravel the story of a grand tale.


persona5_2015spring_s05 persona5_2015spring_s09

Persona 5 producer and director Katsura Hashino previously spoke about how the protagonist appears to be more of a quiet type, but it’s also a ruse of some sort. The protagonist and his friends Anne and Ryuji, the other characters shown in the trailer, will have problems of their own, which we’ll find out more about in the near future.


Persona 5 is in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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