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Persona 5 Introduces 7 New Cooperation Characters You’ll Get To Befriend Or Maybe Even Date



    Atlus had plenty to share on Persona 5 recently, including a look at seven new “Cooperation Characters” who are pretty much the Social Link buddies you’ll get in the game. Here are the seven new characters and their respective introduction trailers.


    Chihaya Mifune (CV: Miyu Matsuki)

    A tarot fortuneteller who tells fortunes in Shinjuku. She’s cheerful and pretty kind of girl, but her fortunetelling is infallible. It is rumored that she’s “an actual fortuneteller” but at the same time, they say that she tries recommending a “strange stone.”


    In the video, she reads his fortune and says that a card that symbolizes death is in the near future… she also appears to easily get baffled by some of the responses the protagonist gives her and comes up with wild conclusions.


    Sadayo Kawakami (CV: Mai Fuchigami)

    Sadayo is a teacher at Syujin Hgih School. She’s the homeroom teacher of Class 2-B, where the protagonist, Anne, and Mishima are a part of. You’ll often catch her around the school with messy hair and looking pretty sleepy. She appears to be a quiet teacher but…


    On a side note, it’s pretty funny how she comes off as a bit of a strict teacher, telling the protagonist that she’s not going to cover for him should he make any mistakes. In the next scene, we see her dressed as a maid. She tells the protagonist that she’ll look the other way a little bit so that he can slack it in exchange of him not telling anyone about her other job.


    Ichiko Oya (CV: Yumi Uchiyama)

    A gossip journalist in her 20s. She’ll write about anything that sells, and even spins the information in her articles. She was previously a political reporter who went against social evils.


    In the video, she’s shown complaining about her watered down liquor, but immediately cheers up upon seeing the protagonist and asks if he has any Phantom Thief news or if he fell in love with her. She appears to be a bit suspicious of the protagonist.


    Hifumi Togo (CV: Tomomi Isomura)

    Hifumi is a student at Kosei Public High School. She previously won first place in the Female Shogi League. She’s known as the “shogi player who is too beautiful” due to her appearances. She practices hard and participates in interviews for the sake of her mother and the world of shogi, however…


    In the video she’s shown playing a shogi match against the protagonist and quickly gets an Oute (check) and wins the match. She asks if they can play again and says that she feels a gambler’s spirit from him and that it’s mysterious given his amateur movements on the board. It looks like the protagonist will need to be part of her shogi research experiments in order to get closer to her.


    On a personal note, I think it’s pretty cool that Tomomi Isomura got a role in the game, after having worked as one of the hosts of Persona Stalker Club for a while now.


    Shinya Oda (CV: Aki Kanada)

    An elementary school student who hangs out at an Akihabara arcade center. He prides himself in his exceptional talent in a certain online gun shooting game, and is considered to be a prodigy at it. He admires the “power” of the Phantom Thieves, but there seems to be more than what meets the eye about that.


    In the video, Shinya is shown giving tips to the protagonist who is playing the game with him, but gets frustrated by his lack of skill in the game. People in the audience point out that he seems to be in a worse than usual mood, and another one mentions that he gets that way when he plays with others. It seems like he’s the type of character who doesn’t exactly have too many friends.


    Yuki Mishima (CV:  Daisuke Sakaguchi)

    A second-year student at Syujin High School, and also the protagonist’s classmate. He’s part of the Volleyball Club and seems to always find a way to get himself injured. He gets closer tot he protagonist after a certain incident.


    In the video, Yuki asks the protagonist if he got to check out the “Phantom Thief Request Channel.” It’s apparently a website that he started, where people share their hopes on the Phantom Thieves’ next move. His wish is to help spread the word of the Phantom Thieves’ justice.


    Toranosuke Yoshida (CV: Keiichi Noda)

    Toranosuke is a man who gives political speeches by the Shibuya Station. Since starting this 20 years prior, he has lost seven consecutive times in the elections. Only a few people stop to listen to what he has to say, but his speeches are actually pretty good. He is facing the future of the nation in all seriousness.


    In the video, Toranosuke starts out by saying “the youth that are supposed to carry the future on their shoulders aren’t even able to draw the future.” It isn’t long until someone calls him “Failnosuke,” asking what he’s going on about all high and mighty. In the next part he appears to be talking about past failures with the protagonist, but we’ll probably get to hear him share many words of wisdomin exchange for hearing him out.


    Persona 5 is releasing in Japan on September 15, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game will release on February 14 in North and South America. A European release date has yet to be announced.

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