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Persona 5 Introduces Some Personas With Captain Kidd, Carmen, Zorro, And Goemon



Atlus revealed details on the party members of Persona 5 during Tokyo Game Show this year, and the official website has updated with a closer look at their Personas, in addition to some extra details on the partners.


Captain Kidd:



Ryuji Sakamoto’s primary Persona, Captain Kidd. This Persona has a skull head and a cannon-like prosthetic arm. His figure standing atop the giant black ship just overwhelms anything that sets sights on it. He shares names with a famous pirate that was notorious for his loot.




2015-10-02_040308 Ann Takamaki’s primary Persona, Carmen. She’s a beautiful Persona that wears a crimson flamenco dress. She’s shown using her rose whip to swing around men. She shares names with a passionate and freewheeling woman that appears in novels and operas.




2015-10-02_040633 Morgana’s primary Persona, Zorro. He’s a swordsman Persona that is dressed like a true gentleman and hides his face behind a mask. The “Z” design on his belt appears to be his trademark symbol. He shares names with a certain someone that was known for being a swordsman and thief.





Yusuke Kitagawa’s primary Persona, Goemon. A Persona that stands out with his gorgeous oriental-style outfit. He is characterized by his giant long pipe and his kabuki-style face. He shares names with a legendary master thief, “Ishikawa Goemon.”


Persona 5 will release in Japan in Summer 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and sometime later in 2016 for North America.

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