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Persona 5 R Domain Update Hints At A Possible New Announcement Coming Soon



A bunch of Persona-related domain names were registered back in April last year, and one of them, which was “P5R.JP” was recently updated, hinting at a possible upcoming announcement soon. [Thanks, Persona Central.]



While we still don’t know what P5R stands for, there are a couple possibilities that come to mind. Earlier this year, Atlus held its annual survey for fans to get a good idea what they want, including remakes, ports, titles, and more from their games.


There was one question that asked fans to select from a number of choices relating to the Persona series, including a Persona board game, online game, or shooter. One of them was Persona 5 with new scenario and elements.


The other possibility is a Persona 5 “remake title” which would explain the “R” part of the title:



The survey had a separate question which asked fans to select what kind of remake titles they would like to see, which included all the main Persona games including Persona 5. Those partaking in the survey were also required to tick the boxes for which platforms they wanted it for that included PS4, PS VR, PS Vita, Switch, smartphones, PC, and other.


Earlier this month, we heard rumors of a possible enhanced version of Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch and there’s also a special for Persona 5 the Animation titled Dark Sun… set to broadcast on December 30, so perhaps we may hear more from the Phantom Thieves soon.


Persona 5 is available for PlayStation 4.

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