Persona 5 Royal Haru Lucrea Figure Includes Morgana Car

Persona 5 Royal Haru

Megahouse is selling a new figure based on Persona 5 Royal character Haru “Noir” Okumura. Part of MegaHobby’s Lucrea line, the collectible piece shows Haru in her Phantom Thief outfit. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Check out some preview shots of the figure in the gallery. Previous Lucrea line figures based on Persona 5 Royal include ones of Fox, Joker, and Crow.

The Persona 5 Royal Haru Noir Lucrea figure refers to Haru by her codename among the Phantom Thieves. Dressed in the Noir outfit, Haru sports a vest, frilled shirt, and flared shorts over tights. She also wears her hat, with its feather accent, with a Phantom Thief mask. The figure comes with replacement arms to take on two poses. One pose has Haru hold her melee weapon, a battleaxe. The other shows her holding her gun, a grenade launcher. The figure stands on an acrylic base, but the base also has a sculpted explosion cloud. From the cloud emerges Morgana in his car form. Finally, Haru’s mask is removeable by replacing the hair piece.

The figure stands 245mm tall (about 9.6 inches), and costs 24,200 Yen (about $178 USD). Pre-orders begin in Japan on December 2, 2022, and end in February 2023. Its estimated ship window is August 2023. It’s also a limited build: Only Premium Bandai, the Atlas D Shop, and AmiAmi will carry the figure.

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