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Persona 5 Shares More Background Info On Makoto, Futaba, Haru, And Their Personas



Atlus shared the latest in this week’s issue of Famitsu on Makoto Niijima, Futaba Sakura, and Haru Okumura who were revealed in the latest trailer. Here’s some more information from the magazine including artwork. [Thanks, Hokanko-Alt, Persona Central.]


 Persona 5 Famitsu (12)

Here are some additional details on the characters and their Persona.


Makoto Niijima [CV: Rina Sato]

Persona 5 Famitsu (4) Persona 5 Famitsu (9)

  • Her Persona ability awakens due to a certain trouble.


  • Her Persona, Johanna, is the one that looks like a bike, and it doesn’t look like it’ll have any kind of transformation.


  • According to director and creative producer Katsura Hashino, while Persona 5 is both a story about Phantom Thieves and also a school setting, the first case will take place at the Shujin High School, and this is where Makoto will set her eyes on the protagonist.


Persona 5 Famitsu (3)

  • Johanna is based on Pope Joan, who reigned as pope for a few years during the Middle Ages of Europe, according to popular legend.


Futaba Sakura [Aoi Yuki]

Persona 5 Famitsu (10) Persona 5 Famitsu (8)

  • A certain incident has caused the prodigy programmer to be a shut-in, and she has not attended school ever since graduating middle school.


  • She acts normal when she’s around the protagonist, but when she’s around multiple people we might see her wearing a strange headgear to cover up her face and head.


  • In Hashino’s comment he says that he can’t go into too much detail, but the way Futaba and the protagonist meet is a little different and their circumstance is also special. She’s a character that will play a major role in the story.


Persona 5 Famitsu (7) Persona 5 Famitsu (6)

  • Her Persona Necronomicon symbolizes Futaba’s unknown powers.


Haru Okumura [CV: Haruka Tomatsu]

Persona 5 Famitsu (2) Persona 5 Famitsu (11)

  • She does not find value in human relations and has avoided connecting with others for this reason.


  • Haru is the daughter of a company president so it might seem like she lives in a different world, but once she gets closer to those around her, she’ll become more friendly.


  • The adults that are concerned with Haru have warped hearts on a huge scale, and you’ll meet Haru as a key character during a time when the story takes a big step.


Persona 5 Famitsu (1)

  • Her Persona Milady is based off Milady de Winter from The Three Musketeers.


Persona 5 will release in Japan on September 15, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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