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Persona 5: The Royal Announced For PS4; Teaser Shows A New Female Character



Following the broadcast of Persona 5 the Animation: Stars and Ours, Atlus revealed Persona 5 R as Persona 5: The Royal for PS4, and we got a teaser trailer showing a new female character.


Here’s what’s being said in the trailer:

“What are your thoughts on the Phantom Thieves?”

New female character: “It’s wonderful thing to help other people… but if I had to say, I don’t like them. I just have a feeling that the way the Phantom Thieves doesn’t help fix the world or help anyone. In the end, I think those are things you must fix yourself.”


Persona 5: The Royal is in development for PlayStation 4. Atlus will share more information on April 24, 2019, which is the same date as the Persona Super Live concert.

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