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Persona 5 Trailer Introduces The Twin Guards Of The Velvet Room, Caroline & Justine



Atlus shared a new video for Persona 5, with an introduction trailer for the Velvet Room’s two guards, Caroline and Justine, who are also cooperation characters.


Caroline and Justine are twins who are “prison guards” of the Velvet Room in Persona 5. Caroline seems to have something against the Phantom Thieves and is usually critical of their ways, even going as far as saying she hopes they get arrested. She also belittles the protagonist, and you can either play along with your selection of words or give her a little taste of her own medicine.


Justine, on the other hand, is the more gentle and soft-spoken of the twins, and actually supports the protagonist. She even speaks up against her sister at times in his defense. Another interesting bit worth noticing is that Justine’s hat reads “O-Y-O-O,” while Caroline’s has “X-M-R-N,” and they spell out “OXYMORON” when put together.


Persona 5 is available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game releases in North America and Europe on February 14, 2017. Check out our earlier report to see how well the game sold in its Japanese debut.

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