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Persona 5 Trailer Takes Us Into The Velvet Room




Atlus’ latest trailer for Persona 5 returns us to a familiar space. As is usual, our hero will head to the Velvet Room to visit and work with Igor and his assistants. There, you’ll work with the twins, Caroline and Justine, to fuse, strengthen, and transform your Personas.


Fusion is slightly different in Persona 5. When working with Caroline and Justine, who are known as the Velvet Room’s Wardens, you’ll actually need to execute your current Personas for them to fuse into a new one. Basic Fusions require two Personas, Advanced Fusions need three, and Network Fusions let you combine your Persona with one that belongs to another, random Persona 5 player.


The Persona strengthening process is also a little different. When working with Caroline and Justine, you’ll be able to make the characters you’ve collected more useful. Sacrificing a Persona you don’t need to another will strengthen it. Putting one in Lockdown makes their elemental or physical weakness less severe. Also, you can put them in an electric chair to turn them into equipment and items.


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Persona 5 will come to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on April 4, 2017.

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