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Persona 5’s Soundtrack Comes From Some Acid Jazz Influences



Atlus recently revealed the latest trailer for Persona 5, and one of things that stood out was the music. Following that, series composer Shoji Meguro shared a few tidbits about his choice of music genre for the upcoming game in an interview with Famitsu.


After talking a little bit about the Persona Super Live 2015 concert, Famitsu expressed their anticipation for the music of Persona 5.



“The background music in the latest trailer is actually an instrumental version of the main theme,” Meguro said. “In working on Persona 5’s soundtrack, I’ve incorporated some acid jazz-like elements to bring out the game’s mood, including in the main theme.”


“When I suggested it, [director] Hashino shook my had and said ‘as expected!’” Meguro added with a laugh. “I’ll continue working hard on the rest of it so everyone gets to enjoy it.”


Hashino previously made a comment about the similarities of Persona 5’s gameplay trailer and Lupin III. Since Lupin and jazz music go hand-in-hand, it sounds like Meguro had just the right idea for the game’s soundtrack and its phantom thief motif.



Additionally, the Famitsu report mentions that this week’s issue of the magazine will have a special feature on Persona 5, where we can expect to hear more about the characters, the keywords of “Glory” and “Catastrophe”, the Shujin High School, and more. You can expect us to have all the pertinent details as soon as they’re available.


Persona 5 is in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You can read more from our earlier report where Persona Team producer and director Katsura Hashino talked about Persona 5 and the way it will depict how a phantom thief might influence society.


Photographs courtesy Famitsu.

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