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These Are Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth’s Pre-orders Bonuses In Japan


    We’re a couple weeks away from release in Japan for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. So you know what that means, right? Yep. Time for pre-order bonuses to be shown off. These are (almost) all different items depending on where you pre-purchase your Japanese copy of the game from.


    Sofmap: You’ll pick up classic style telephone cards from Sofmap drawn by the Persona anime staff.


    Medialand and GEO: A clear file drawn by the Persona anime staff goes to those who order from either store.


    WonderGOO: Something to hang up, there’s an A3 sized mini tapestry from the Persona anime staff.


    Imagine Web: A Tosho card (used in bookstores) worth 500 yen! For offsetting the guidebook perhaps?


    Amiami: Amiami gets buyers with a spectacle case and cleaning cloth.


    Gamers: As befits gaming, Gamers gets a Persona Q character desk mat.


    Animate: Animate also gets a spectacles case but in a different design from Amiami, as well as a microfibre mini cloth.


    Neowing: Can’t buy the limited edition 3DS? You can make your own with Neowing’s 3DSLL sticker set.


    Mediaworld: A keychain. Of awesome.


    Amazon Japan: A Persona anime staff illustrated… ahh… wallpaper.


    Furi1Online: An IC card sticker  (We’re not sure if it’s all 3 or not)


    Lawson: A metal keychain of the main characters for you to jangle about with.


    Stellaworth: A set of four can badges


    Fammys: Gets another Tosho card in a to-die-for cuteness form.


    Momotaro: Momotaro gets a Bromide card for its buyers.


    COMG!: Picks up another Quo card.


    Trader: Another microfibre cloth.


    Sanyodo: Store your illustrations in this snazzy A4 clear file.


    Futaba: Also gets an A4 clear file with a different illustration.


    Qrest: Something you don’t often see as a pre-order gift—a bus case. This is used by people in Japan mostly to protect their special fare cards which they can flash as a bus pass or to store their IC cards in.


    Family Mart: A "cushion cleaner" strap. We’re not sure if that really is intended for cleaning cushions or not.


    KyaraAni: Another microfibre cloth.


    AsoBitCity: A telephone card.


    7-11: A… postcard.


    Enterking Online: An IC Card sticker.


    Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is set for a June 5th release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, and this Fall in North America.