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Persona Stalker Club Episode 6: Stalkers And Panties



Freelance writer Mafia Kajita and voice actress Tomomi “Isocchi” Isomura are back for more Persona shenanigans in the latest episode of Persona Stalker Club, with a couple more guests. This time around, they show off a good amount of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s Adachi in action.



The episode starts out with Kajita already getting in trouble, as he’s shown being interrogated by Adachi (well, his voice actor Mitsuaki Madono, who showed up in the previous episode) for apparently trying to make friends with little girls.


According to Kajita, he just wanted to boost his Social Link levels, and thought that he could do so by hitting up the kindergarten and local shrine. However, he realizes that he actually needs to be a Persona main character to pull that off… or maybe he just didn’t have high enough stats.


Adachi tells Kajita that he’s a little too old to be doing that at 26 years old (he really is that young) and asks what’s up with the outfit he wears. Kajita explains that it’s for a show called Persona Stalker Club, but ultimately, Adachi only hears it as him admitting to being a “stalker”.


Moving on, for the second episode in a row, Mitsuaki Madono appears as a special guest on Persona Stalker Club, and will participate in some more talks and an special contest later in the show. At around 13:13, Madono, who is considered a beginner at fighting games, gives Persona 4 Arena Ultimax a shot to take on challenges. Winning the challenge would allow them to show some main story footage for the viewers.


His first set of challenges is to clear 10 different special attacks, which Madono clears with relative ease. You can check out the bit of the story footage at 18:38, with Madono doing some silly commentary. The footage shows that it starts out with simple everyday life events.



The three were a little disappointed at the rather uneventful event scene the were given, but they were promised to be able to show more if Madono could clear the next challenge against a CPU opponent at 21:17. He’d need to get two wins in order to win, and a loss would mean the punishment of meat flavored gum.


Things don’t go too great for the Adachi voice actor, as he gets defeated in two straight rounds against Chie, which he considered a warm-up, then challenges Yosuke. After being reminded about the punishment, Madono does pretty well, and wins the fight. The special footage can be seen at 24:15.


Next is the versus mode challenge, where Madono takes on both Isomura and Kajita, at the same time. As a handicap, the two hosts share an arcade stick as two players in one.



While he does lose, he takes the punishment of eating the meat gum so the viewers can take a look at a clip from the Episode Adachi event scene, where it looks like Adachi is getting beat by a superior.


At 34:18 in the video, after being absent in the previous episode, we get back the “soramimi” segment of the mangled Persona lyrics by Isomura and fans. This time, they have vocalist Shihoko Hirata as the guest for the event.


Isomura explains that she’s been heartbroken about the fact that Hirata’s songs haven’t been featured in the Persoramimi segment, so this would be a good opportunity to make up for it.



The first track is “Time” from Persona 3 Portable. The part that says “Lone air comes quietly” in the song ends up being mangled by a fan as “Nobita Spaghetti” (stretched out spaghetti, an expression used when noodles absorb too much water and end up getting swollen). Choco-pan Matsumoto also makes another small-screen appearance, as well.



The second one is from Persona 4’s “Heartbeat, Heartbreak” by Isomura. The original lyrics say “It keeps on pounding” but Isomura hears the “pounding” part as… panties, which oddly fits, and even Hirata agrees with a laugh.



Next is by a fan who mangles up “Reach Out to the Truth (MoonbugREMIX)” from the AT1st ~Persona 3 & Persona 4~ Club Arrange album. While there aren’t exactly lyrics for this part, since it was made of clip samplings from the track, the fan points out that it sounds like “oppai, oppai, purun, purun,” (boobs, boobs, boing, boing).


Isomura and Kajita joke about it saying Persona series composer Shoji Meguro probably had breasts in mind while jamming out with his guitar and creating the remix.


At 47:00, they pick up where they left off on the earlier skit, where Kajita got detained for his little stalking incident. This time, he speaks with Isomura who tells him “you’ve finally done it now!”


She tells him that they got a new host, so he won’t have to worry about the program anymore, who ends up beings Adachi… but in the end, it was all just a little nightmare.


Finally, the program ends with the Midnight Station corner at 48:12, where you can see the latest of all-things Persona, with a glimpse at their latest Persona Music FEST 2013 concert DVD, along with the Persona Stalker Club original soramimi album.



To celebrate Madono’s recent birthday, as he turned 50 on July 28, the program put together a special little Adachi cake for the man!

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