Nintendo 3DS

Petit Computer Magazine Bundles 3DS Games Made By 3DS Users



Japanese company SmileBoom announced they will be distributing Petit Computer Magazine: First Edition, a software bundle comprised of several user-developed games created using a program called Petit Computer #3 SmileBASIC which was released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. SmileBASIC 3 provides the framework for games to be developed on the 3DS.


By downloading Petit Computer Magazine, 3DS owners can play a selection of games made using SmileBASIC 3 without having to download the software itself. By using Petit Magazine as a framework, talented users can commercialize their products and find ways to develop new ones using BASIC, a hobbyist programming language.


image The collection will include user nominated titles that won awards for their originality, humor, design, and artfulness – a total of 36 unique games. In addition, SOLID GUNNER, a title developed using the new SmileBASIC 3 software, will also be included in the collection. SOLID GUNNER is described as a contemporary shooting game with retro-style looks that doesn’t rely on walls of projectiles for difficulty.


The program has also been used to create themes for the New Nintendo 3DS, and emphases the creation of fan-oriented content. Hakase and Mr. Syntax, characters who’ve merited advertisements, official websites, and books, have had themes created for them using SmileBASIC 3. These can be purchased for 200 yen from the themes menu.


Petit Computer Magazine: First Edition can be purchased on the Japanese 3DS eShop for 300 yen.