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Phantasy Star Nova Trailer Shows Character Creation, Multiplayer, And More



Sega shared a look at the latest trailer for Phantasy Star Nova during Tokyo Game Show 2014, which gives us a good idea of what the game is about, including some of the character creation and more.


The video starts out with a look at the characters landing on planet Machia, where Photons don’t have any effect, so they’ll have to find other ways of taking on the giant monsters of Machia.


As the trailer mentions, a big part of the game will revolve around a survival aspect, where you’ll need to build facilities to create weapons to beat enemies. At the 0:50 mark, the trailer shows all 12 of the game’s weapons, all with their own different play-styles.


Next, they show the giant Gigantes monsters. In order to take them down, you’ll need to find and hit their weak spots together with your allies.


At 1:40, the video shows us a bit of the character creation, which has some pretty in-depth customization options that the Phantasy Star games of late are known for. Following, is a look at some of the game’s key characters who’ll also be there to help out.


Finally, at 2:27 we get a glimpse at the game’s multiplayer mode that supports up to four players at a time, and a giant spirit-looking girl who asks you to please save her planet.


Phantasy Star Nova will release in Japan on November 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita. The game will also have a little something from Sega’s other RPG, Resonance of Fate.

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