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Phantasy Star Nova’s Planet Has No Photon, But Plenty Of Giant Monsters



In Phantasy Star Nova, you and your crew gets thrown into the planet Machia, where Photons don’t have any effect. To make matters worse, it looks like the place is also home to some giant monsters you’ll be fighting. Famitsu gives us a glimpse at what’s waiting.


Phantasy Star Nova protagonist belongs to a special planetary exploration group called Arcs, traveling on the Delta Variant warship. After it was attacked by an unknown enemy, they crash-landed on the planet Machia.



In Machia, photons have no effect, and this is a pretty big deal since it’s basically the energy that forms the foundation of science and technology in the universe of Phantasy Star. Without Photon, they can’t really do much, except rely on primitive countermeasures.


There are all kinds of violent enemies on Planet Machia, like the Gigantes, giant half-machine creatures. The one shown in the above image is known as the Garation, which is 40.77 meters (134 feet) long and 44.75 meters (147 feet) tall.


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In order to escape Machia, you’ll need all the help you can get from new friends such as Yuno and Raven shown above, as they’ll help find a way out and survive while you enjoy your stay on the brutal planet.



Since Photons don’t work, you’ll need to find another source of energy, and this is where the planet Machia’s Gran, an unknown energy that spouts from various areas comes into play. By using Gran to substitute Photon energy, you’ll still be able to put some technology to good use.



By using Gran, weapons, and a brand new character classes that will debut in Phantasy Star Nova, you just might have a decent chance at surviving the cruel planet. More details on the new classes and their characteristics will be revealed in the near future.


Phantasy Star Nova is slated for release sometime in 2014 in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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