Phantasy Star Online 2 Begins Operations In Asia Later This Month



Following its beta test in April, Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 is heading into full service in Asia at the end of May—in English. The game will go live May 29th, with early access for beta players from the 27th of May. The game is being operated by Asiasoft.


The English version of the massively multiplayer online game logged about 100,000 beta activations across both its English and Thai closed beta test, said Asiasoft. That’s a decent number, considering the Asian release was limited to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. The experience from it has gone into improving performance prior to the launch of the game, Asiasoft added.


If you somehow prefer to play the game in Thai, then you’re in luck as that version goes up even sooner on the 20th for beta players and 22nd of May for everyone else.


With the strong buzz around it, maybe there’s hope for the Western release of the game, which has been in limbo for ages after the initial news on an English version coming West.


Phantasy Star Online 2 is out now on PC and PlayStation Vita in Japan, and will be coming to Asia in English on May 29th for PC. A Western release has been announced, but no date has been set.