Phantasy Star Online 2: Trading Card Game With 1v1 And Co-op Battles Launches March 22 In Japan



Phantasy Star Online 2 probably isn’t getting an English version anytime soon, but it is getting a brand-new trading card game featuring various elements and artwork from Sega’s MMORPG.



No information is currently known about the gameplay for Phantasy Star Online 2 Trading Card Game, but it will feature characters, classes, weapons, Photon Arts, Techniques, and various enemies.


In addition to the traditional 1v1 we see in all TCGs, Phantasy Star Online 2 Trading Card Game will have “Cooperation Battles” where you can team up with a group of friends and fight bosses.


Sega will host a demonstration event at card shops across Japan starting December 9, where attendees will get to learn more about the game, try it out, and score free demonstration decks. Those of you interested can learn more about the participating stores here.



Phantasy Star Online 2: Trading Card Game will be available in Japan on March 22, 2018. The first expansion will come with over 100 cards. Its packs containing 6 cards will go for 250 yen plus tax.

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