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Phantasy Star Online 2’s Crafting System Does More Than Just Weapons




It seems we’ve got a little more news to share on the Phantasy Star Online 2 front. While we previously only saw weapons crafting, the video above indicates you’ll also be able to craft a whole lot more as well. And the crafting options are pretty deep, too!



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These above two screenshots show off that shots of the other crafting stations. Other items and even skills can also be improved, such as units and tactics, by having the different kinds of crafting stations planted in your home.


Weapon crafting doesn’t seem to have any downside other than putting in the requisite crafting materials, as the Phantasy Star Fan Blog writes, and then popping out upgrades to their S- R- and T-Attack and Defense values. Units can improve their HP and PP, and both can have a possible chance of making a previously limited item equippable by other classes.


That last one is probably going to be the most sought after reason for crafting beyond bumping stats, since it opens up a whole new world of combinations for the canny min-maxxer.


Beyond just the attack and defense values however, some weapons will also allow you to add on more abilities to them. Some include passive hit point regeneration and increasing charged technic’s power.


Technics will be another area for the min-maxer to look into. They can be buffed to last longer, hit more targets or hit from further away and so on. However, there’s a downside to keep this in check. “Demerits” will be added alongside the buffs you craft into the technic such as increasing the cost of the skill or making the charge-up time longer. It could be possible you’ll end up with a one-shot wonder whose skill cost is now so great you can only use it once before it goes on a long, forced, cool down!



Crafting will be something you want to do when you can, as there are some drawbacks to prevent farming bots. After every craft, the line needs to take some time to cool down, work the spare bits and bobs out of its kinks and basically just take a break. While crafting is immediate, you’ll need to have spare lines available—some of which look like you need to cough up cash for—in order to keep crafting multiple items.



In order to get parts, you’ll need to break down other weapons and gear—pretty standard fair to be sure—from 7 star and above weaponry and units as well as level 11 and above photon arts and technic disks. Be prepared to have to spend millions of in-game cash to get the materials you’ll need! But hey, who worries about that when you can look as beautiful as this?