psg2-03Sega had a grand plan of remaking the classic Phantasy Star games for PlayStation 2 as part of the Sega Ages 2500 series. They started with the original Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star Generation 1 went beyond enhancing the graphics. Sega added new character dialogue that enhanced the story and a rearranged soundtrack.


Phantasy Star Generation 2 gave the same treatment to Phantasy Star II. The PlayStation 2 version also has more character dialogue and rearranged music. If you have a completed save file from Phantasy Star Generation 1 there’s a neat surprise for fans that involves Nei. Unfortunately, neither of these were released in North America and the planned Phantasy Star IV remake was canned too. But, hey if you have a Japanese PlayStation Network account you can download these two titles as PS2 Classics. Each game is just 800 yen.


Phantasy Star Generation 1

psg1-03 psg1-01 psg1-02



Phantasy Star Generation 2

psg2-02 psg2-01

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