We’re not sure when (if?) the Phantom Breaker fighting game is coming out, but 5pb is definetly going to release a Phantom Breaker beat em up. Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds has four perhaps familiar characters: Mikoto Nishina, Waka Kumon, Itsuki Kouno, and Yuzuha Fujibayashi. In this game you move from left to right beating up anything in your path like an ’80s arcade game without all or the quarters.


The official blog says 5pb should be able to release Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds early next year and the game is currently in the debugging phase. Downloadable content is also in the works for Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds.


The producer also wrote a message specifically for overseas fans:


Nice to meet you friend!!
My name is Sakari.
I am producer of “Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds”.

I would like to thank all the gamers of the world has focused on this game.
I am aware of the development”Phantom Breaker: Battle ground”
This is everyone favorite “Good old games in Japan.”
We are working hard so that it does not disappoint, please be patient until the release.

And this game is spin-off called “Phantom Breaker”
unfortunately this game was sale only part of in Asia and Japan market only.
However if you do not have play “Phantom Breaker”you can be enjoy this game
so do not warryabout this content!
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Sincerely yours:Sakari

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