Nintendo 3DS

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Has Subtle But Noticeable Improvements


At E3, we got to try out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which is coming to North America and Europe this Fall on the Nintendo 3DS. The compilation contains the first three Ace Attorney games with remastered sprites and art.


The stereoscopic 3D in the game works sort of like old animation styles—there are a few distinct two-dimensional layers, nothing like the style in Dual Destinies where the 3D effect actually creates space.


The art style, together with the stereoscopic 3D, makes Ace Attorney Trilogy look even more like a graphic novel than before. However, while the animations are really pretty, they can sometimes feel… disproportionate.


On the bright side, the menu is a lot faster and you can skip through text you haven’t read before quickly. Phoenix’s objections have been either remastered or re-recorded, and they’re much crisper and even more satisfying than before. The same goes for all of the characters in the game.


Finally, on the music side, the title theme is an awesome mix between orchestrated instruments and synthesizers you often hear in the game’s soundtrack.