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Phrasefight Will Bring Rhythm Battles Nintendo Switch




VeryOK and Mediascape will be bringing Phrasefight to the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan. This is a PaRappa the Rapper style rhythm game, where players take turns pressing buttons to input phrase attacks in time with the music. People with the most accurate timing and delivery will do better and have a chance to win the fight between the two performers.


Phrasefight has League Fight and Free Fight modes. Once you choose which works best for you, you choose which one of fight characters you want to use. Different characters have different note patterns and flows. After choosing characters, then you choose a song for the “match.” Once the fight begins, players take turns inputting their notes in time with the indicators.


Two trailers have been released for Phrasefight so far.


Battle7 System0 System3 System4 System5 System6 Battle1 Battle2 Battle3 Battle4 Battle5 Battle6


When Phrasefight comes to the Nintendo Switch, it will support the Joy-Cons HD rumble feature. It will also be possible to have a two-person match with each using one Joy-Con. It will be playable on the system at Zentame 2018 in Gifu, Japan, between August 4-5, 2018.


Phrasefight is immediately available for the PC in Japan. A release window has not yet been set for the Nintendo Switch version.

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