Piano CD With Tunes From Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII and FFIX Has A Release Date


If you were busy relaxing this morning to the slow and gentle tunes of upcoming Piano Opera: Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX’s soundtrack CD site, we now have a date for its release. The CD will be out 23rd April and you can order it at the Square Enix store.


The CD will feature piano arrangements for songs such as “The Man with the Machine Gun” and “Melodies of Life” and is going for 2,880 yen (US$29). Again, if you happen to enjoy these gentle piano movements there’s a whole pile more where they come from over here.


It’s also worth noting that this is the third in the Piano Opera series, with three of the games per CD. That makes it likely we’ll get to see it go all the way up to the end, although we wonder how they’ll lump both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Or cover the online games of Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV