Best Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp COs Sami
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Picking the Right Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp CO for Each Situation

As you play Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, you’ll eventually unlock COs and the ability to use these characters in different maps. Especially if you head into versus. However, due to the way the game is executed, it isn’t like there’s one overall “best” person. Depending on the situation, some may be better for that particular fight. So here are some you may want to prioritize for certain situations.

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Best Advance Wars CO for capturing headquarters: Sami

When you’re first starting out and don’t have many COs available, Sami is one of the most solid Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2 characters. You can’t underestimate her infantry. She’ll capture faster, and they’ll be stronger. If you have, say, an APC, it’ll be able to carry an Infantry or Mech unit further too. Her Double Time CO Power increases infantry units’ range, attack, and defense. Victory March, her Super CO Power, offers even greater boosts to all three areas. It means you can get in there and take things over quicker.

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Best late game Advance Wars CO: Eagle

Eagle is a big deal because any unit in his army that doesn’t fall under the Infantry category can act again when he uses Lightning Strike. It’s classified as his CO Power in the original Advance Wars, then becomes his Super CO Power in the sequel. His regular Lightning Drive power increases aerial units’ strength and other units’ defense. Being able to continue your assault and basically take two turns at once can do a lot to break the game.

Best Advance Wars CO on maps with pre-deployed units: Kanbei

Kanbei’s whole gimmick is that his troops love him, so they over perform. They’ll be more expensive than usual, but will also have higher offense and defense. Both the CO Power Morale Boost and Super CO Power Samurai Spirit increase every unit’s attack and defense even further. You also deal more damage during counter attacks when Samurai Spirit is in effect.

Best Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp COs Colin

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Best Advance Wars CO to use when you need to stretch or know you’ll get lots of money: Colin

Both Colin’s CO powers in Advance Wars 2 have to do with money, which can be very helpful in situations where you’ll accrue a lot of it or if you have a limited number of funds you need to work with. Yes, all of his units are going to be 20% weaker than everyone else’s. They are cheaper, though! Also, you can increase his money by 1.5 times with Gold Rush and the amount of money you have stockpiled will increase the strength of all his active units with Power of Money. So if you have a lot of money coming in from allied cities, he becomes one of the most broken characters in the game.

Best Advance Wars CO to use with ranged units: Grit

If you want to focus on using indirect units, Grit is your man. His Artillery, Battleships, Carriers, Missiles, Rockets all get increased range and power. So you’ll be able to use Snipe Attack and Super Snipe both to increase his range and strength of those units. Granted, you’ll also need to first save up for them and place them, but it’s worth it.

Best Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp COs Grit

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Best Advance Wars CO to use in a city: Sensei

Sensei is another CO that is generally good in Advance Wars 2. However, he’s at his best when you’re in an urban area. This is because of his CO Power Copter Command and Super CO Power Airborne Assault. The former puts an Infantry unit in every one of his cities, with each one having 9 HP. His helicopters will also be stronger than usual that turn. The latter adds a 9 HP Mech in each city and, again, makes all of his choppers stronger.

Most “generally broken” Advance Wars CO to use: Hachi

Hachi floods the market in Advance Wars 2. Literally. It costs 10% less for him to buy every kind of unit. It’s a huge help. His Barter CO Power and Merchant Union Super Power both make it easier to add even more units of any kind to the map. The price drops to 50% off for everything with each. Meanwhile, Merchant Inion makes any city basically into a factory for ground units.

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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