Window for Picontier Release Date Revealed, Game Enters Steam Early Access

Picontier Release Date

Picontier, by Kan.Kikuchi and SKIPMORE, has entered Early Access on Steam. A post from the developers on the game’s official Steam Page estimates that Early Access will last for approximately six months.

“We have a small production team, and we felt that feedback from more users was essential in order to make those final steps in the development,” reads the post, referring to their reasoning for an Early Access release. They have also charted out a course of updates which lists four steps, including entering Early Access, prior to the full version. This includes three updates which will add new quests, features, and maps along the way.

Picontier is a single-player game described by the developers as a “slow life RPG.” It tells a story of a hero awaking on an island that differs from the way it was in their memories. There is a crafting system that enables new forms of interaction with the island and its inhabitants, which will cause the island to evolve and progress while a story of mystery unfolds.

It will be available with an interface in both English and Japanese, with subtitles available for English, Japanese, and simplified Chinese. Early Access currently allows players to reach a “sensitivity level” of three with the island’s inhabitants, with the expectation that the cap will be raised to five in the first update.

Picontier is expected to release in June of 2021 for PC. A Nintendo Switch version of the game is also in the works. The game was once expected to release in Winter 2018. At the time, a version for the Nintendo 3DS was also in the works.

Benjamin Maltbie
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