Pikachu And Mario Crossover Brings Cute New Merchandise To Japan



Later this month, Japan will be getting a batch of new merchandise featuring an adorable crossover between Pokémon and Mario. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything.]


Included in the new goodies are Pikachu plushies dressed up as Mario and Luigi, New 3DS cover plates, a 3DS game cartridge book, hanafuda cards, and Pokémon Trading Card Game cards. Additionally, keychains, folders, notebooks, playing cards, and T-shirts featuring Mario Pikachu will be exclusively available at the Pokémon Center in Kyoto, Japan.


The merchandise will be releasing in Japan on October 29th, and you can get a look at all of the items in the pictures below.


1MarioPlush 2LuigiPlush

3PokemonCCG 3PokemonCCGLuigi


5N3DSFaceplate 6Hanafuda

7MarioKeychain 8LuigiKeychain

9PlayingCards 10Folders


Tシャツadult Tシャツkids